Diamond Wedding Rings – Diamonds A girls best friend

Diamonds A Girls Best Friend

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As some of you may be aware I have been on the brink of planning my wedding for years, life however keeps getting in the way! We have made the decision though that next year will be the year so I have had to start at least window shopping for bits.
Are you to about to start this journey? If so I have the site for you.

The site Wonderfully_Diamonds has such a gorgeous collection of Wedding_bands and I of course had to have a looksey! Now this is technically a HUGE sneak preview as this site isn’t even fully up until June the 1st so you my loves are getting the full on exclusive!!


Their wedding ring collection is small at the moment but their designs are beautiful. They also have a selection for men that will be available also, so not having to get rings from various places is one less thing to worry about. I mean I have already fallen for this band as the design is so different and unique. Visually stunning which is what you want from your diamonds and your wedding band right?

The quality looks so good with the sparkle visible in the pictures you know they’re a winner. The cut also looks very clean which is exactly how you want your diamonds.

I also love a good sized ring for any occassion so took a little look through the huge collection of Engagement_rings they have and they just stunning. 100% something for everyone. From crystal clear diamonds to beautful precious gems and even rose gold. The ring you’re trying to find is here I promise! If you want your partner to say Yes no questions asked go over and get your order in! They won’t be able to say no if your propose with one of these little beauties!


I have to say it has made me very excited to purchase my wedding ring and the affordability of these diamonds (I love writing the word diamond so much tehe) is very tempting. After all Diamonds are a girls best friend right?


So if you or someone you know is looking to purchase either engagment rings or wedding bands send them in the direction of Wonderfully Diamonds as they will not be disappointed. Also mention to them they have a wonderful gift section seeing as you have been so helpful in forwarding them there (winky face). You could also leave post-its around if you want you boyfriend to get the hint (lol)

Lots of Love,
Tahnee xxx

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